The Unexpected Benefits of Combining SUP & Golf

Target Golf: Mixing Golf and SUP | Photo courtesy Brandon Maxwell Target Golf: Mixing Golf and SUP | Photo courtesy Brandon Maxwell

Some odd pairs make more sense than you might anticipate—SUP golf is one of them. This new and innovative water sport combines a popular golf side game and stand-up paddleboarding for an afternoon of friendly competition by the dock.

Whether you’re indulging in SUP golf as a way to alleviate stress and anxiety or trying your hand at something competitive, below are a few reasons these two activities are a match made in heaven.

What is SUP Golf?

SUP (stand-up paddle) golf incorporates the side game closest to the pin, replacing the pin with a floating rectangle. To run a game, two or more players must compete against one another, with one person serving as a water caddy.

Each player will have 10 shots per round, taking note of the number of balls inside the pin or closest to it. To make up for weather discrepancies, include low-spin golf balls in your kit and look up a forecast beforehand.

Are you playing SUP golf competitively? You can incorporate score-tracking gadgets to improve your game.

target golf LLV Westin Lake GolfTarget Golf: Mixing Golf and SUP | Photo courtesy Brandon Maxwell

The Unexpected Benefits of Combining SUP & Golf

SUP golf boasts a handful of physical and mental benefits. If you are a water fanatic and avid golfer, these are the benefits you can reap from this thrilling sport.

Improves Balance
Many new golfers underestimate the value of good balance. The truth is, the key to a spot-on backswing and impressive distance is to reduce your sway—that requires balance! Fortunately, those who lack a steady stance can easily improve it via paddleboarding. Because you are constantly working to keep your body upright, you are also accessing all your muscles.

Reduces Stress
Many enthusiasts credit golf as a means to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Paddleboarding can provide the same benefit. Many have proven the relaxing effect of being surrounded by large bodies of water. Scientifically, even recorded ambient wave noises can positively impact one’s well-being.

Works Out the Entire Body
SUP golf helps distribute force throughout every muscle—from your neck down to your toes. Standing upright on an unstable surface also challenges your leg strength and ability to keep your center of gravity. As you paddle and swing, you constantly access your arm and shoulder muscles. If you’ve been looking for a full-body workout, SUP golf is an excellent place to start.

Boosts Vitamin D Levels
Avid golfers know the benefits of spending time under the sun. With generous amounts of SPF, you can enjoy the same perk SUP golfing! A single hour of SUP golf can increase your body’s melatonin production, which improves sleep patterns. On top of that, it provides ample vitamin D levels, which helps maintain strong bones and strengthens the immune system.

Enjoyable for Everyone
SUP golf isn’t just for golfers or paddleboarders. Anyone from senior citizens to adrenaline junkies can enjoy this challenging sport—and you can be as competitive as you want!

target golf birdieball1Target Golf: Mixing Golf and SUP | Photo courtesy Brandon Maxwell

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, there is a reason SUP golf has become an international fad in the last few years. It is enjoyable, physically and mentally stimulating, and suitable for everyone. You can even add more elements to this versatile game as you go. If you’re looking to answer the call of the sea and bring your love of golf into the picture, SUP golf might be the sport for you!

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