Tips On Getting In The Water With Your Paddle Board

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SAN DIEGO, California - In the second episode to debut from SUP Surf Tips with stand up paddle surfing expert Sean Poynter, Sean (Starboard SUP) teaches us how to safely get you and your stand up paddle board in and out of the water. See Sean's Tips below:

Step 1. Always point your board directly into the wave

What you don't want to do is have you and your board between you and the wave. This could allow for the wave to take your board and smash it up into you, causing possible damage to either you and/or your board.

Step 2. Put your paddle in the center of your board

Put your paddle in the center of your board using your back hand (which ever is your stronger hand needs to be on the back) to push the tail of the board up and over the waves as they come. So, if your stronger hand is your right hand, stand to the left of the board so that your right hand is the back hand being used to push the board.

*Avoid having your hand straight forward. Having your hand facing forward will naturally cause you to get behind the board rather than to the side of it. See photos below.

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Step 3. Use front hand to hold paddle down onto board

Again, having your hand placed sideways is the key. With your front hand holding down the paddle and your back hand holding the tail of the board, this will allow for you to easily push your board up and over the waves.

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Watch the full video and tutorial from Sean below and let us know what you think!

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